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Galileo's NIMS Light Curves for Fragment G and R Impacts


NIMS light curves at 4.38 Ám for the G (top) and R events. The fireball phase (0-60 s) and the beginning of the splash phase (at 350 s) are evident for both events. The G impact occurred at 07:33:32 UT (Universal Time), Earth Received Time, on July 18, 1994, derived from Galileo's Photopolarimeter/Radiometer data. This is the time at which an observer on Earth would have seen the events. Because Galileo was much closer to Jupiter than the Earth was, the spacecraft actually recorded the events sooner than Earth-based observers. The R reference time, which is derived from NIMS data, corresponds to 05:35:08 UT on July 21, 1994. Although the R timing reference is uncertain, the probable error is small.

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