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Galileo Images of Fragment W Impact

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July 22, 1994 07:33 UT (40 Images)

July 22, 1994 07:37 UT (56 Images)

July 22, 1994 07:41 UT (56 Images)

July 22, 1994 07:45 UT (56 Images)

These images of Jupiter and the luminous night-side impact of fragment W of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 were taken by the Galileo spacecraft on July 22, 1994.

The spacecraft was 238 million kilometers (148 million miles) from Jupiter at the time, and 621 million kilometers from Earth. The spacecraft was about 40 degrees from Earth's line of sight to Jupiter, permitting this direct view. The images were taken at intervals of 2 1/3 seconds, using the green filter (visible light).

The location of Fragment W is approximately 44 degrees south as predicted; dark spots to the right are from previous impacts. Jupiter is approximately 60 picture elements in diameter.

Galileo tape-recorded most of its observations of the Shoemaker-Levy events during the second week of July 1994 and has played back the tape.

The Galileo project, whose primary mission is the exploration of the Jupiter system in 1995 through 1997, is managed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for NASA's Office of Space Science.

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