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Lick Image of Fragment A, C & E Impacts


Lick Observatory 40-inch Telescope Image of Three Comet Impact Spots on Jupiter

Three impact sites from Comet Shoemaker-Levy fragments are clearly visible in this enhanced image from the Lick Observatory 40-inch Nickel telescope. The image was taken 18 July 1994 in a methane filter centered at 8950 A in the near-infrared. The sites from fragments C, A, and E can be seen from left to right just above the south polar hood at the bottom of the image. The two spots on the left at a slightly higher latitude are the long-lived white ovals regularly present on Jupiter. At the time of this image, impact A had occured 33 hours previous. Impacts C and E were 12 and 14 hours old respectively.

Mike Brown, David Schlegel, Hy Spinrad, U.C. Berkeley; Ray Newburn, JPL

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