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McDonald Image Attempt at Fragment B Impact


NOTE: Click on the image to view it at its highest resolution.

This is an image of Jupiter obtained with the 0.8-m telescope of McDonald Observatory on 17 July 1994. The spot where the B (or second) fragment should hit would be at a latitude of -45 degrees on the central meridian. This images is taken with a filter which isolates the colors at which methane gas absorbs light. This means that regions with a clear upper atmosphere will be dark because the methane absorbs light while bright regions have cloud or haze particles in the stratosphere above the methane gas. No evidence of the impact site is visible. The South Pole of Jupiter is the brighter edge to the bottom of the image. This image was obtained by Dr. Wayne Pryor (U. Colorado), Dr. Chan Na (SouthWest Research Institute) and Dr. Anita Cochran (U. Texas at Austin).

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