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McDonald Image Attempt at Fragment A, E & F Impacts


This is an image of Jupiter taken with a CCD camera on the 0.8m telescope at McDonald Observatory of the University of Texas on 18 Jul 1994 UT (17 Jul 1994 CDT) at 03:37UT (10:37 CDT). This picture was taken at a color at which methane gas absorbs strongly. Thus most of the planet is dark, but regions with particles in the upper atmosphere above most of the absorbing methane gas appear bright. The equatorial regions and the Great Red Spot show very prominently, as do the north and south polar hoods. North is to the upper left. There are two disturbances due to the impact of pieces of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9. These are located above the south polar hood near the east (left) limb of the planet. The one nearest the limb is from piece A, and the one nearer the center is from pieces E and F, which hit in nearly the same place on Jupiter.

These images were taken by Dr. Chan Na (Southwest Research Institute), Dr. Wayne Pryor (University of Colorado) and Dr. Anita Cochran (University of Texas).
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