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McDonald Image Attempt at Fragment ADEF Impacts


This is an infrared image of Jupiter taken with ROKCAM on The University of Texas McDonald Observatory 2.7m telescope on 18 Jul 1994 UT (17 Jul 1994 CDT) at 02:38 UT (9:38 CDT) at a wavelength of 2.3 microns. At this wavelength, absorption of light by methane gas makes the planet appear very dark. The only features visible are from the stratosphere of Jupiter. We see a haze of particles reflecting sunlight over both the north and south poles, as well as bright spots at the locations of the impacts of pieces A, D and E/F (merged together) of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9. The site of the D impact is rotating out of view on the west limb of Jupiter at the lower right part of the image. The A impact site has just rotated into view on the east limb of Jupiter at the lower left of the image. Pieces E and F hit very close to the same spot on Jupiter one Jupiter day apart and result in the bright complex just above A. South is to the bottom in this image and the North polar hood is at the top. In this version, the contrast has been stretched to show the structure in the E/F complex. Note that the uppermost part of the complex is much brighter than the lower part.

These observations were made by Dr. Dan Lester, Dr. Beth Clark, Dr. William Cochran (all University of Texas) and Dr. Yongha Kim (University of Maryland).

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