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EUVS Sounding Rocket Launched


I am pleased to announce the successful launch of the Extreme Ultra- Violet Spectrometer sounding rocket for the acquisition of Lyman-alpha wavelength data from the Jupiter region. The launch occurred on 21 July at 05:53:00 hrs. UT from launch complex 36 at White Sands Missle Range, NM. Jupiter was acquired in the spectrograph slit at 05:54:47 and was maintained until 05:59:18 hrs. The attitude control systems on the payload maintained a remarkably stable orientation and allowed a build-up of photon events from the Jupiter torus during the above mentioned time span.

The EUVS payload is capable of bining photon events in a wavelength spread from 815 to 1150 angstroms with a resolution of approximately 3.5 angstroms. The acquisition time for the Jupiter region was just barely enough to detect wavelength signatures over and above the foreground "noise" of terran atmospheric sky-glow.

Post-flight data analysis is proceeding.

T. Booker
San Antonio, TX

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