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IAU Colloquium 156


To: Observers and Modellers of K,L and/or R impacts
From: R. West (K/L/R Workshop Convener)

Re.: K/L/R Integrating Workshop at IAU Colloquium 156

Date: April 18, 1995

Dear Colleagues,

This message concerns the organisation of the above Workshop, lasting 75 minutes and now scheduled at 14:00 - 15:15 on May 10 during IAU Colloquium 156 at the STSci in Baltimore.

Please note that further information about this meeting can be obtained via the WWW page at:

It is not possible to have during this short time a lot of presentations by the individual groups with observations. For this reason, the approach will be:

Before the meeting:

1) Establish for each impact an overview of what material was really obtained (instrument characteristics, observation epoch, "quality"), so that all groups can learn which material may complement theirs. This will done by means of the questionaire below.

2) Arrange this material into a "summary table" with a chronological sequence of the main "phases", e.g. Flashes - Plumes - Splashes - Early direct views - Long-term evolution.

During the Workshop:

1) Present this "summary table" as a base for the following discussion. It will most probably not be complete, but new information may be added, as it becomes available.

2) Within each of the "phases", I shall try to animate a "joint discussion", i.e. by combining all what is available from the individual impacts to find out whether there is/are:

3) Immediately following the discussion among the observers, invite the model builders to comment on the various points that come up during each of the "phases". In particular:

4) At the end, to "synthesize" the outcome of these discussions on the spot, i.e. to mention the main points which came up and suggest specific lines of action.

Thank you for your quick reponse ! All suggestions for improving the format and content of this Workshop are of course most welcome.

Kind regards,

Richard West

QUESTIONAIRE (please fill in and return to before May 5))


Thank you for taking a few minutes to fill this in !

Name                       :
Observatory                :

Which event (K, L or R)    :

Type of obs.(direct/spectr): 
Telescope                  :
Instrument                 :
Wavelength interval        :
Approx. ang. resolution(") :
Approx. spectr. resolution :

Observing interval (UT)    :
No. of frames/spectra      :
Observing conditions       :

Provisional results (brief):
e.g. timings, emitters

Related papers published   :

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