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National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Very Large Array (VLA)


National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Very Large Array (VLA)

The impact of the comet fragments are expected to significantly affect radio emissions in Jupiter's magnetosphere. University of California/Berkeley scientists will study these emissions, which should give information about the comet, Jupiter's magnetosphere and the electrons that produce the radio emission. In addition, microwave observations with the VLA in New Mexico are the cornerstone of a worldwide campaign to observe how Jupiter's atmosphere reacts to the impact of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9. University of Maryland scientists will use microwave wavelengths to penetrate the thick clouds and hazes that obscure most of the deep atmosphere from view - the region where much of the impact energy should be released. Observations should reveal the atmosphere's response to impact and new results on the physical and chemical state of Jupiter's thermosphere.

Public Affairs contact:
Dave Finley, VLA; (505) 835-7302; fax (505) 835-7027

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