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ROSAT Observation Plans



Hunter Waite has provided a summary of their planned observations with ROSAT. They are monitoring the X-ray emission from the Jovian aurora. There are two phases.

I.  Characterize the rotational variation pre-impact.
  July 14 0200-July 15 1700 UT
This period has been chosen to satisfy the observaitonal constraints
of ROSAT and to provide simultaneity with IUE and HST observations of
the UV aurora.

II.  Observing the Impacts
    Date     UT       After Fragment
  July 17 0515-0945      C
  July 17 1615-2045      E
  July 18 1130-1600      G
  July 19 0830-1300      K
  July 20 1330-1800      P
  July 21 0530-1000      R
  July 21 1015-1445      R
  July 22 0715-1145      W

These times have also been chosen to provide supporting data from HST, IUE, etc.