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The Chassigny Meteorite


The Chassigny Meteorite
Copyright Bethany Sciences
New Haven, CT

Meteorite: Chassigny
Location: Chassigny, Haute Marne, France
Fell: October 3, 1815 08:00
Type: Chassignite (SNC)

In 1815, a stone was observed to fall from the sky after loud sonic booms were heard. Although it was estimated that the meteorite originally weighed about 4,000 grams (~9 pounds), there is only about 570 grams preserved of the meteorite today. Chassigny is distinctly different from the other SNC's, so it has been assigned its own signature subgroup, chassignite, to distinguish it from the shergottites and nakhilites.

Small fragment of the Chassigny Meteorite
One of the few pieces of Chassigny in a private collection
Copyright 1995 Ron Baalke

Chassigny is the only meteorite in classified as a chassignite. The meteorite pictured directly above is a small fragment from the collection of Ron Baalke.

Another fragment of the Chassigny Meteorite
Photo courtesy of Martin Horejsi

Thin section of Chassigny shown in polarized light
Photo courtesy of Johnson Space Center

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