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The Dar al Gani 1037 Meteorite


                Announcement 88-4, March 31, 2004
            Sara Russell, Editor (
            Mike Zolensky, Assoc. Ed. for Northwest Africa 
          Luigi Folco, Assoc. Ed. for Africa (
         Monica Grady, Assoc. Ed. for Oman (
       Rhian Jones, Assoc. Ed. for the Americas (
               Kevin Righter, Assoc. Ed. for Antarctica 
      Jeffrey N. Grossman, Assoc. Ed. for Web (

Dar al Gani 1037                           27d20.00' N, 16d13.00' E
   Found 1999
   Martian meteorite (basaltic shergottite) 
Ten stones totaling 4012.43 g were found early 1999 in the sand 
desert of Dar al Gani. The biggest individual was a complete 
individual of 3090 g with perfect orientation and rather fresh 
appearance. Classification and mineralogy (A. Greshake and M. Kurz): 
an olivine-phyric shergottite with porphyritic texture; large 
chemically zoned olivine megacrysts are set into a fine-grained 
groundmass composed of pyroxene and maskelynite; minor phases include 
chromite, Ti-rich chromite, sulfides, phosphates, and small Fe-rich 
olivines; olivine megacrysts often contain melt inclusions and small 
chromites; pyroxenes are dominantly chemically zoned pigeonites, some 
contain orthopyroxene cores; olivine phenocrysts, Fa31.4-41.1, Fe/Mn 

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