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The EETA 79001 Meteorite


The EETA 79001.
Photo courtesy of Johnson Space Center

Meteorite: EETA 79001
Location: Elephant Moraine, Antarctica
Found: January 13, 1980
Type: Shergottite (SNC)

The EETA 79001 meteorite was found in Elephant Morraine in the Antarctic, and was the first meteorite classified during the 1979-1980 collecting season. EETA 79001 is classified as a shergotite, the most common subgroup of the Mars meteorites. EETA 79001 weights 7,900 grams (17.4 pounds), and is the second largest Mars meteorite ever found - only the Zagami meteorite is larger. EETA 79001 is only 180 million years old - very young on the solar system scale - and was launched into space from Mars 600,000 years ago.

Evidence of Life Found in EETA 79001 (Associated Press - November 1, 1996).




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