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Los Angeles Meteorite Up For Auction On August 27


Los Angeles Meteorite Up For Auction On August 27

Ron Baalke
August 22, 2000

Two fragments of the Los Angeles meteorite will be up for auction at the Butterfields Auction on August 27 in Los Angeles. The fragments, weighing 4.539 grams and 1.011 grams respectively, will be in lots #1101 and #1102. The Los Angeles meteorite is only one of 15 known Mars meteorites.

The main mass of the Los Angeles meteorite (two rocks weighing 452.6 grams and 245.4 grams) was found by Bob Verish in the Mojave Desert in California about 20 years ago. Not knowing they were meteorites, the two rocks sat in a box in his backyard until last October when Bob was cleaning out the yard. Upon rediscovering the rocks, Bob suspected that they were meteorites, and took them to UCLA for confirmation. UCLA not only confirmed the two rocks as meteorites, but also identified them as Mars meteorites (shergottites).

The larger of the two rocks, Los Angeles 001 (LA001), was eventually sold to two meteorite dealers, Michael Casper and Darry Pitt. LA002 is currently on display at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles. Darryl Pitt is now offering two pieces of LA001 meteorite at the upcoming Butterfields auction.

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