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New Mars Meteorites - Yamato 980459 & Y000802



Ron Baalke
January 30, 2003

YAMATO 980459

A new Mars meteorite was announced in the Japanese Meteorite Newsletter. The meteorite, Yamato 980459, was found in the Yamato Mountains in the Antarctic by the Japanese during the 1998-1999 collecting season. The meteorite weighs 82.46 grams, and was identified as a shergottite, the most common type of Mars meteorite. This increases the number of Mars meteorites to 28.


A third piece of the Antarctic nakhlite, Y000802, was also found by the Japanese. Though only weighing 22 grams, combined with its other two paired siblings, Y000593 (13.7 kilograms) and Y000749 (1.3 kilograms), they form the largest nakhlite group ever found.

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