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The QUE 94201 Meteorite


The QUE 94201 Meteorite
Photo courtesy of Johnson Space Center

Meteorite: QUE 94201
Location: Queen Alexandra Range, Antarctica
Found: December 16, 1994
Type: Shergottite (SNC)

 Sample No.:     QUE94201
 Location:       Queen Alexandra Range
 Dimensions (cm):2.3 x 2.0 x 1.5 cm
 Weight (g):     12.0
 Meteorite Type: Shergottite

Macroscopic Description: Roberta Score
This small, dark-gray to black stone is rounded and polished. The spotty, brownish-black, remnant fusion crust is difficult to distinguish from the melted, glassy grains on the exterior surface. The interior is coarse-grained, crystalline, and glassy. It is composed of laths or globular grains of transparent or translucent maskelynite plus dull or glassy-black pyroxene. Several mafic-rich areas, as large as 5 x 4 mm, were noted. Oxidation is scattered throughout the interior. Thick evaporite minerals are concentrated as small blebs.

Photo courtesy of Johnson Space Center

Thin Section (,3) Description: Brian Mason
The section shows a coarse-grained aggregate of subequal amounts of pyroxene and maskelynite; the maskelynite as laths up to 3.6 mm long, and the pyroxene as interstitial anhedral to subhedral grains. Maskelynite is fairly uniform in composition, An55-64. The pyroxene is pigeonite of variable composition, Wo9-20 and Fs21-69. The meteorite is a shergottite.

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