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New Mars Meteorite Found In Oman (Sayh al Uhaymir 051)


                         January 6, 2001
         Jeffrey N. Grossman, Editor (
          Jutta Zipfel, Co-editor for Saharan Meteorites 

Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 85, 2001 July. 

Sayh al Uhaymir 051   Martian meteorite found in Oman

Sayh al Uhaymir 051     20°58.435'N 57°19.248'E
  Found 2000 August 1
  Martian meteorite (shergottite)  
A 436 g stone was found close to the locations of Sayh al Uhaymir 005 
and 008. All three samples may be paired. Mineralogy and 
classification (A. Bischoff, Mün): the rock has a porphyritic
texture with large olivine phenocrysts (Fo61-68) embedded in a 
groundmass of pyroxene (En60-68Wo7-12) and maskelynite (An59-67); 
shock stage, S5; calcite veins were observed, probably due to 
terrestrial weathering.  Specimens: type specimen, 11 g, Mün; main 
mass with anonymous finder.

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