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New Mars Meteorite Found In Oman (Sayh al Uhaymir 094)


              Announcement 85-5, May 23, 2001
         Jeffrey N. Grossman, Editor (
          Jutta Zipfel, Co-editor for Saharan Meteorites 

Sayh al Uhaymir 094       20059.469'N 57020.326'E
  Found 2001 February 8
  Martian meteorite (shergottite)
A 223.3 g partially crusted stone was found in the same area as Sayh 
al Uhaymir 005, 008, and 051 by Marc Hauser and Lorenz Moser (Bern) 
during a search for meteorites. All samples may be paired. Mineralogy 
and classification (E. Gnos, Institute for Geological Sciences, Bern) 
and B. Hofmann (NMB): the grey-greenish rock shows a gabbro-like 
texture and contains phenocrysts of olivine (average maximum 
dimension = 1.5 mm) displaying shock-twinning, mosaicism, and, 
locally, oxidation; optically clear parts of olivines (Fo65-69) occur 
in a fine-grained (average maximum grain size = 0.3 mm) groundmass 
consisting of maskelynite (An55-64Or5-9) and pigeonite (En60-68Wo7-9) 
with minor augite, chromite and pyrrhotite; partially recrystallized 
veins and pockets of shock-melted glass containing vescicles are 
abundant; x-ray tomography revealed that the specimen contains 
approximately 0.4 vol% of pores up to 3 mm in size; shock stage, S5; 
weathering grade, W1; small rusty pockets are Fe-hydroxide 
replacements of an unknown pre-existing phase. Specimens: all in NMB.

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