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Sayh al Uhaymir 120


              E-mail Announcement 87-4, May 6, 2003
            Sara Russell, Editor (
            Jutta Zipfel, Assoc. Ed. for Northwest Africa 
          Luigi Folco, Assoc. Ed. for Africa (
         Monica Grady, Assoc. Ed. for Oman (
       Rhian Jones, Assoc. Ed. for the Americas (
      Tim McCoy, Assoc. Ed. for Antarctica (
      Jeffrey N. Grossman, Assoc. Ed. for Web (

This is the fourth electronic announcement of new meteorites to be 
published in Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 87, 2003 July.  

Sayh al Uhaymir 120	2100.2' N, 5719.3' E
  Found 2002 November 17
  Martian meteorite (basaltic shergottite)
A small stone of 75 g was found in the area of previous shergottite 
finds. This stone has a well preserved black fusion crust. This is a 
grey-greenish stone with porphyritic texture; large olivine 
phenocrysts are embedded in a groundmass consisting of maskelynite 
and pigeonite. SaU 102 is paired with SaU 005/008/051/060/090/094. 
Classification (S. Afanasiev, Vernad). Specimens: type specimen, 15.8 
g, Vernad; main mass with anonymous finder.

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