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The Zagami Meteorite


The Zagami Meteorite
Copyright 1996 Fotosmith

Meteorite: Zagami
Location: Zagami, Katsina Province, Nigeria
Fell: October 3, 1962
Type: Shergottite (SNC)

On an October afternoon in 1962, this meteorite landed about 10 feet away from a farmer who was trying to chase crows from his corn field. The farmer heard a tremendous explosion and was buffeted by a pressure wave. After a puff of smoke and a thud, the meteorite buried itself in a hole about 2 feet deep. Weighing at about 18,000 grams (40 pounds), the Zagami meteorite is the largest single individual Mars meteorite ever found.

The Zagami Meteorite
Copyright Bethany Sciences
New Haven, CT

A slice of the Zagami Meteorite
Copyright 1995 Ron Baalke

Closeup of the Zagami Meteorite Showing Stress Fracture -
Probably Caused By Impact That Launched Meteroite From Mars to Earth
Copyright 1995 Ron Baalke

The meteorite was sent to the Kaduna Geological Survey and placed in a museum. Some years later, Robert Haag, a meteorite dealer, traded for a large portion of the Zagami meteorite. The Zagami meteorite is the most easily obtainable SNC meteorite available to collectors.

zagami3_s.jpg12K zagami4_s.jpg13K zagami5_s.jpg13K
Small Fragments of the Zagami Meteorite
Orange Spot Is Probably Rust
Copyright 1995 Ron Baalke

Closeup of the Zagami Meteorite
Copyright 1996 Fotosmith

Another Closeup of Zagami
Photo courtesy of the New England Meteoritical Services

zagami7_s.jpg20K zagami8_s.jpg26K
Small Crumbs from the Zagami Meteorite
Copyright 1995 Ron Baalke

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