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Shuttle Radar Topography Mission

PIA04965.jpg imagePIA04965
Colored Height, Africa
PIA04964.jpg imagePIA04964
SRTM 3-D, Anaglyph of Shaded Relief, Africa
PIA04963.jpg imagePIA04963
Richat Structure, Mauritania, Perspective View, Landsat image over SRTM elevation
PIA04962.jpg imagePIA04962
Richat Structure, Mauritania, Anaglyph, Landsat image over SRTM elevation
PIA04961.jpg imagePIA04961
Cape Town, South Africa, Perspective View, Landsat image over SRTM elevation
PIA04960.jpg imagePIA04960
Cape Town, South Africa, Anaglyph, Landsat image over SRTM elevation
PIA04959.jpg imagePIA04959
Olduvai, Gorge, Shaded Relief and Colored Height
PIA04958.jpg imagePIA04958
Mt. Elgon, Africa , Shaded Relief and Colored Height
PIA04957.jpg imagePIA04957
Sinai Peninsula, Shaded Relief and Colored Height
PIA04954.jpg imagePIA04954
Gotel Mtns, Nigeria & Cameroon, SRTM Shaded Relief plus Height as Brightness

  • Important Note About the C-Band Radar Data Image Products
    The radar data products currently being released are generated from preliminary Digital Elevation Maps (DEM). Products made from the preliminary DEMs are uncalibrated and are released with the understanding that they are merely "showpiece" products. It is expected to take two years to generate the final precision Digital Elevation Map.
  • About the Anaglyph Data Products
    When viewed through special glasses, anaglyphs will allow you to see a vertically exaggerated view of the Earth's surface in its full three dimensions. Anaglyph glasses cover the left eye with a red filter and cover the right eye with a blue filter. 3D Glasses Direct is an online source for 3D glasses. They will even send you a free pair of paper 3D glasses when you send them a stamped self-addressed envelope.
  • About the Stereo Pair Data Products
    The stereo-pair images are reversed; that is to say, the "left-eye" image is on the right side of the pair. This is intentional. It is set up for cross-eyed viewing, as indicated on the image.
  • C-Band Data Product Descriptions
    For more information about the data products, please review the SRTM Preliminary Data Descriptions web page in our Data Products section.