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Shuttle Radar Topography Mission

Data Products



It is intended that SRTM data be unclassified; however raw radar data, full-resolution terrain height data (ie. Level-2 data sets) or strip DEM with 30-meter spatial resolution for areas outside the United States will be under the control of the Department of Defense. Release of these data will be in accordance with guidelines mutually developed by NGA and NASA.

Terrain height data greater than or equal to three seconds of arc latitude and longitude (ie. Level-1 data sets) generated from the SRTM will be released and distributed without restrictions.

NASA may distribute full-resolution image data obtained from the SRTM, which will be archived by NASA.

Raw radar data, terrain height data of 1 second of arc latitude and longitude( ie. Level-2 data sets), and strip DEMs with 30-meter spatial resolution over the United States may be released and distributed without restrictions.