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Enrique Medina and Sun Matsumoto
Ed Massey, Matthew Angrum and The Carmichaels
Pearline Johnson & Cozzette Parker
Pearline Johnson & Cozette Parker
Sun Matsumoto, Jim and Donna Jaeger, (back) Julie Sprein & JoeSpringer
Emma Angold and Colin Goulding w/Daughter Ciara
Mrs. Jaeger, Bruce Brymer, Marie Springer, and Pearline Johnson
Daniel Presti and Juan Ramirez w/Guests
Glenda Sherman, Jim & Donna Jaeger, (Retirees) Omer Divers andRobert Pointer
Kathy Angold w/Kids
Joe Springer, Julie Sprein, Pearline Johnson, Marie Springer
Khee Chan w/Daughter Jade
Omer Divers and Julie Sprein
Daniel Prestie w/Wife and Dog
Enrique Medina, Dr. Ed Stone, Adrian Smith
Julie Sprein and Husband John
Jefferson Hall and THE Turkey, Sun Matsumoto, Omer Divers
Ed Massey, Mike Carmichaerl and wife, Peter Poon, Nigel Angold
Sharon Maupin, Laurence Zotterelli, Regina Wong
Fruit and Chocolate Fondue
Peter Poon, Neil Toy, Dr. Stone, Jeff Hall, Donna Jaeger and Sun
Friendly Game of Blackjack
Marie Springer, Cozette Parker
Girls Best Animal Friend


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