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Ulysses Spacecraft Ends Historic Mission of Discovery

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June 30, 2009: Earlier this month, the Ulysses mission team received a NASA Group Achievement Award. Another milestone was reached on June 10 when Ulysses became the longest-running ESA-operated spacecraft, overtaking the International Ultraviolet Explorer which logged 18 years and 246 days of operations.

"The Ulysses team performed exceptionally by building and operating a research probe that would return scientific data for analysis no matter what challenges it encountered," said Arik Posner, Ulysses program scientist at NASA Headquarters in Washington. "The knowledge gained from Ulysses proves what can be achieved through international cooperation in space research."

The Ulysses orbital path is carrying the spacecraft away from Earth. The ever-widening gap has progressively limited the amount of data transmitted. Ulysses project managers, with the concurrence of ESA and NASA, decided it was an appropriate time to end this epic scientific adventure.
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NASA Honors Ulysses Mission Team

Image of Ulysses Group Achievement Award

The long standing efforts and extraordinary achievements of the Ulysses Mission Team were recognised by NASA during the 2009 NASA Honors Award ceremony held at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory on 9th June 2009.

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